deb2solv: command not found

Have You tried accessing the binary with the full path?

Maybe Your $PATH variable doesn't contain the default paths? echo $PATH should give something like:

[root@server ~]# echo $PATH

If it's empty, You may set the PATH variable with this command

export PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/root/bin"

On Debian possible default full paths are:

/usr/bin/deb2solv - from package: libsolv-tools

You may install the required package with command apt-get install {package}
Error in other languages:
deb2solv: bevel nie gevind nie
deb2solv: comandă negăsită
deb2solv: comando não encontrado
deb2solv: commande introuvable
deb2solv: command not found
deb2solv: käsku ei ole
deb2solv: không tìm thấy lệnh
deb2solv: komanda nerasta
deb2solv: Kommando nicht gefunden.
deb2solv: kommandot finns inte
deb2solv: komut yok
deb2solv: nie znaleziono polecenia
deb2solv: níor aimsíodh an t-ordú
deb2solv: no se encontró la orden
deb2solv: no s'ha trobat l'ordre
deb2solv: opdracht niet gevonden
deb2solv: parancs nem található
deb2solv: perintah tidak ditemukan
deb2solv: príkaz nenájdený
deb2solv: příkaz nenalezen
deb2solv: команда не найдена
deb2solv: командата не е открита
deb2solv: 命令找不到
deb2solv: コマンドが見つかりません